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Thursday, October 28, 2004
Political Hottie

Political Hottie
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This young woman, Capri Cafaro, is running for Congress. She's young (26), smart (Stanford grad) and HOT!


If you want to contribute, visit her website ...

Soy Protein and Me

a few months ago-- actually, well before summer, i started working out regularly. I've always been kind of fit-looking -- high metabolism, i guess - but I wanted to actually start doing something.. i bought a weight bench, weights, etc... and 3 nights a week i work out in my garage.

so now, i'm deciding to take my "personal fitness" to a whole new level. That is, by changing my diet, albeit slowly. For example, for breakfast, i used to have a pop tart and water ... or sugary cereal, or a glass of carnation instant "lots 'o sugar" breakfast.

the other day at the grocery store, I notice this soy breakfast drink mix. 2 scoops gives you 14 grams of soy protein. you can add it to milk, water, whatever. so, that night, I tried it -- 2 scoops of bavarian chocolate soy protein mix in 1 glass of milk.

i almost lost my lunch. that stuff was horrible. how was i ever going to handle it?

clearly, eating more protein and less fat and sugar would be good. and soy protein is good stuff for muscle building, etc.

finally, i have found a solution -- milk, a banana, the soy mix, and some chocolate syrup. i know what you are thinking. the chocolate syrup ruins the rest. BUT no, i'm still getting all the protein in the milk and soy mix, potassium from the banana ... i'm just adding a touch of sugar -- so now, instead of a pop tart with nearly zero nutritional value that leaves me hungry an hour later, for the last 3 days, i've enjoyed the soy shake.

but my stomach is not liking this arrangement. not at all.

i won't go into details, but it's not pleasant.

i hope i can adjust soon. the shake actually tastes pretty good. and it keeps me feeling full all morning.

oh, and stacey, if you are reading this blog, or reading murphy's blog and happen upon mine, i have some job ideas for you

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

That's right. Not a damn thing.

work is the same. home is fine.

all is stable, mainly.

so, i got nothin'

no interesting office posts.

no temp workers chatting it up on the phone.

no trips to see murphy.


Thursday, October 21, 2004

Ok, we have temporary help in the office all this week ... our regular staff person who handles calls, etc. is out.. and actually, the "chief of staff" person is out as well. so it's just me. But, to keep me focused on work and not answering the phones (which means i have more time for blogging!) -- they have someone to answer the phone and also, she has some other assigned tasks...

Monday and Tuesday and Today, we have PHONE GIRL -- for 8 hours, she's on the damn phone, sometimes, she's on her cell phone and talking to 2 other people on 2 office lines... it's CRAZY! I hear all her conversations about guys, stupid friends, etc.... of course, when we get calls, she answers them and then yells, "phone for you"..

yeah, thanks... why don't you find out who the hell it is...? and tell me?

Yesterday, we had an extremely attractive, very capable young lady help me out .... she actually WORKED the whole time on the tedium we have for someone to do... and answered the phone, and found out who was calling, and talked with me about how she could help ... (of course, i wanted to say, close the door and take your clothes off) -- but, it WAS great to have someone doing something.... b/c yes, despite my blogging and commenting, i really do have quite a bit of work to get done... and at the very least, the temporary help should NOT annoy me with their phone habits ...and they should be working...

maybe this girl knows megan?

Tuesday, October 19, 2004
fat guy, hot girl

ok, someone please explain this phenomenon to me... please.

i see this A LOT. Big, heavy guy -- hot, cute girl. WHY?

was this big, heavy guy at one time a muscle-bound hunk? doubt it.

if the girl is so focused on staying in shape -- and yes, i know it takes work, why is she with a big guy who clearly couldn't run much further than the kitchen cupboard that holds the next round of cheetos?

does the big man make you feel safe?

rarely do you see a thin or in-shape guy with a significantly larger partner -- are guys just shallow and girls not? what gives?

ok, that's my non-topical rant that probably offended a few readers. but, fuck 'em. that's my question of the day.

Monday, October 18, 2004
good news, bad news

My wife told me this weekend that she is happier than she has been in a long time -- she loves her job (finally!), loves our house, loves our life together, has a GREAT husband -- (yes, that's me) ... she says she's reaching a point of contentment --

i have been noticing a subtle shift in her overall attitude -- and i think, as i have posted here, it's been good! ...

on the other hand, she said she didn't think she could ever be happy having a baby. She told me she was sorry -- that she knew i had wanted a baby, but she just didn't think she wanted to do it... didn't want to make that big change.

on the plus side, at least she acknowledged my feelings. and, i am feeling better about our relationship overall.

on the down side, i still would really like to have kids -- i realize that since her thoughts on children changed after we were married, they could change again -- but i also know i can't FORCE her to have children -- i mean, my role in the creating a kid process is pretty minimal compared to hers -- she's got to carry the little human around for 9 months, get sick, gain weight, go to the doctor a bunch, take time off work, and then push out 6-10 pounds of baby from her body -- so, i understand that it's obviously not totally up to me.

i guess i would grade the weekend overall as a positive -- my wife is starting to feel happier -- and she is at least talking with me about my feelings on a very important issue in our life ...

but i can't help but think that one day, years from now, i'm going to look back and say, "i really wish we'd had kids" -- and it will be too late. and then i'll feel resentment and anger -- maybe more so than i do now.

for now, i've got a wife who is happier, a great job that i love, and a nice house i enjoy -- so, since you can't have it all, i'll take this phase -- it's quite nice, overall.

DISCLAIMER: Despite relentless online flirtation with Murphy, and to a lesser exent, Mona, I am in no way prepared to stray from my wife. Not for an instant. I mean, if i can wait 25 years to actually have sex, then I can deal with the dry spells in our marriage until 1) our marriage is over or 2) the sex part improves... so, i reserve the right to be a blog flirt... :)

Friday, October 15, 2004
Here was my lunch ...

I took a drive. a nice, long drive.

then i stopped. went to eat. alone.

have you ever been in a crowded place and realized how quiet it is?

this was the perfect spot for me to sit and think. to relax. to get away from all the work (and blogging) i've been doing...

then i drove back. warm sun through the windshield on a cool and breezy day.

oh, and i read an article the other day -- it seems that a growing number of humans are identifying themselves as "asexual" -- about 1% according to the long-term study. between 5-6% of the population self-identifies as gay. these asexuals are perfectly happy in their lives (so they claim) without sex.

could my wife be among them? -- maybe she needs to visit someone from the "A" community, as they are calling it...

ok, she's probably not -- but it might make me feel a bit better -- or not... ???

and tomorrow, my wife will be out of the house for about 3 hours -- just enough time to drive up and visit murphy get in 20 minutes of a murphy-hot snack, and drive back... trust me, murph, it'll be the best 20 minutes you've had in a while...

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

ok, it was 3 months in between sex for my wife and i until 2 weeks ago -- who wants to make a wager on how long it will be before the next time...?

Monday, October 11, 2004

that's the answer .. did I get laid for 2 weekends in a row? nope.

decent weekend. no sex -- unless you count the time i fucked M in my head ... in a half-awake, half-asleep dream... i haven't even seen her in person in 4 years, so i just imagined what she would be like.. it was nice, really.

Thursday, October 07, 2004
An update:

Ok, first a thanks to Vortexia -- yes, the last post was positive -- things are good -- no one is seeing my ass through a hole in my pants.
So, now it's time for an update .. on the characters I first introduced a while back -- that got me started on this thing in the first place (plus, any new additions).

My wife: doing great. liking her job and being a better partner -- and, at least last weekend, actually somewhat interested in having sex with ME.

A: got an email from her 2 months ago -- she says, "I will never contact you again. I expect you to return the favor." That's it. and i hope she means it.

B: I think she has left town. I used to see her driving around a lot and haven't in some time.. hmm... where did she go?

M: We've been having a nice e-mail dialogue. I still have times when I wonder about "what could have been" with her, but mostly, i'm simply enjoying renewing a good friendship

C: Ok, she's not working down the hall anymore. Saw her yesterday, still looks (and smells) GREAT. I don't see her that often.

DEBATE-Girl (DG): I'm seeing her around more ... she's great. And I'm being good. In a year, she'll be off to grad school or law school or something.

I think that's it. That's the update. for now.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004
By the Way

I had sex this weekend. With my wife. It was quite nice. First time in 3 months. and you see, therein lies the problem -- this every now and then sex thing reminds me of how nice it is to have an orgasm with an actual PERSON instead of by myself.

Last week got off to a rough start. but the weekend ended nicely.

On a somewhat related note, I returned to my old college last week. Just for a day.

It was a beautiful day. And as I walked toward the library, around some of the buildings where I spent a lot of time in classes, I was transported back in time... to a time -- 10 years ago when I walked that path with wonder and excitement. When days were filled with a class or two, a decent lunch, and lots of free time. To long hours in the library. I began to remember people I knew then ... some, i know where they are now -- some, i have only a vague idea -- and some, may be lost forever. I spent 6 years there (earned 2 degrees) -- and suddenly, there I was again ... and a flood of memories pierced my mind -- i was paralyzed. i had to stop and collect myself. I didn't expect to react that way. and so I took a deep breath, stood still, smiled ... and walked on.

I walked on. And as I entered each building, smelled their familiar smells, saw the familiar sights, it was like I was experiencing those things again -- for the first time, again. Someone once said you should always look at the world as you did when you were 19. You should never lose that sense of wonder and excitement.

Well, I think I lost it for a while. And the experience I had that day brought it back. I began to feel that same excitement, those same butterflies that flew wildly in my stomach as I approached a new class or began to study a new debate topic -- or imagined a future with a wife, a house, a job.

Suddenly, despite the soft sadness I felt because that time was now gone, I am now excited, energized, alive. There's a new sense of wonder as new opportunities present themselves. That one day was just what I needed... I had about 1 hour of time alone and that was enough to kick start me into this "new" level of experience. If I had a one full day ...

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