Hard As A Rock
Friday, April 28, 2006
hell yeah

rock is getting married to vortexia

she said yes and i haven't even been down there yet

can't wait to make the trip!

of course, i have to get rid of the pesky little problem of me already being married

but that can be done

anyway, "single" rock -- the one who lives in my alternative universe -- is ready to get married... it will be a lavish affair that vortexia and i will never forget

vegas, baby!!:)

Thursday, April 27, 2006
here's how it's going to go down ...

and yes, ladies, i did say, "go down" -- one of my favorite (and lost) past-times...

anway, here it is.

i'm giving this other guy who vortexia has been waiting on until june.

at which point, i'm heading to her town

i'm taking her out to a wonderful dinner
(vortexia, you'll need to wear a little black dress and sexy heels)

i'll take her for a walk by the river

i'll kiss her by the fountain in the park

and i'll get down on one knee, pull a little box out of my pocket, and ask for her hand in marriage

she will see a lovely diamond and my willing eyes and she'll know i can and will make her happy for the rest of her life

and the rest... is up to her

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

it's wednesday.

hasn't this blog posted yet?

i mean, damn. it's getting later in the afternoon.

i need to get focused on the real priorities of my job.

like making entries in my blog and getting trick and betcha into blog fights...:)

oh, and of course, i must catch up on my murphy.

she knows that my secret desire is to be her personal love slave

she could own me in many ways

and vortexia... well, what can be said? if i had the good fortune of being her man, i'd make damn sure no one else could EVER have her...

and kel -- you owe me a boat ride...

Tuesday, April 25, 2006
um, hello

it appears our old friend murphy is back from a sex-crazed trip to california.

we're glad she's back

we miss her acerbic wit

we'd welcome the chance to encounter her in person at some time

maybe at a baseball game this summer?

Monday, April 24, 2006
The Rock Archives

Well, i was just noticing that i have over 2 years of archives out to the side

lots and lots of material to read and think about

or, just leave it there

because in the writing and commenting, i got what i needed?

anyway, feel free to enjoy the archives

and i may check them out, too

Thursday, April 20, 2006

So today is 4/20 ... and nationally, people are celebrating 420 day -- that is, people who smoke pot, apparently.

so, my question is this:

what does 420 have to do with pot? i know there is an association between 420 and pot -- but why?

can someone please illuminate?

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

That's right, rock-free Tuesdays are the new trend.

Wow. was i ever sick yesterday. Monday night i was up all night sick. a little better yesterday though off work -- here i am, though.


anyway, i'm back. and mentally single. i think.

it's like i live in 2 worlds ... in one, i'm a young, professional, single guy who is free and available to pursue lovely women -- (one in particular) -- and in the other world, i'm "married man" -- who comes home to a house where someone else lives -- more of a roommate than a partner.

i think single me is taking over.

and i don't think i can post these days without writing about her... about her deep brown eyes and bouncy hair. about her warm smile. about how i have yet to find the flaws ... about how i could never have created a more wonderful match for all my desires... about how she makes my heart leap.

Monday, April 17, 2006

i had all this stuff to post

and now it's gone

i can't find it

just for trick's edification, tuesday was weird -- i'm still not sure if it was good weird or not -- but it was weird. and so i made up for missing wednesday by a longer and more detailed thursday post. but trick still wants more -- and of course, for trick, i'd do most anything

today is monday

it follows a long and VERY restful weekend. A BIG serving of vodka and a dash of Sprite last night made for a VERY sleepy night last night -- i could feel my shoulders relaxing... i could feel tension just leaving my body.

the weekend was full of work -- yard work, mowing, planting, the yard looks amazing -- i watered twice a day every day this weekend.

sunday was the rest day -- no church -- oh, and this might be for murphy -- i've decided that church is like a weekly English lit class. the subject matter is always the same. it's like a damn poetry explication. which may explain why i haven't gone in almost a year. well, that and my wife doesn't go much anymore -- we used to go to separate churches, then i started going to "her" church -- she would NEVER go to mine ... anway, back on point...

i keep thinking of a sermon i heard once and maybe more than once, where the preacher kept yelling..."young men will see visions and old men will dream dreams" -- "isn't that amazing? you see, old men are supposed to see visions -- young men are supposed to dream dreams ... but God is so amazing... he can change things around...." and then all the people nod in agreement and say "amen" and stuff.

and then i think about other sermons -- where some "learned" minister will read some text and then tell the audience what it "really" means and why that's amazing. -- this whole process should take about one year -- 6 months if you go on wednesday. The problem is, these preachers keep using the same text -- so, some passages go unnoticed and undiscussed -- and some preachers fail to tell you where the text ends and their personal interpretation begins -- and lots of church attendees would rather be told than read on their own -- and after being dressed up with other dressed up people in uncomfortable pews for an hour or so, they all get back into their glistening cars or beat up trucks and go home or out for lunch and have "family time" and everyone "feels better"

oh, and in most churches, there is also singing. which is sometimes ok, but mostly really crappy.

anyway, i know how to read. I've read the entire Bible. all by myself. and i understand what the words mean. and i also know that you don't have to read the King James Version to be reading the "right text"

so, please spare me your amazement about the old men dreaming dreams -- and please stop trying to tell me why it's so damn important. And instead of that next multi-million dollar building project replete with expensive stained glass and much more comfortable pews and stadium seating, too ... why don't you read some of Jesus' actual words about helping the "least among us."

and instead of praying out loud and making a big show, how about reading more from that Jesus guy about how the truly faithful and spiritual should not make a "show" of prayer, but instead, should pray in a closet alone.

but don't tell the people that -- the ones in the big church or even the little one -- and yes, i'm tired of hearing sermons about "a big church is God's plan.." OR, "God loves little churches..." ... just stand up and say, "it makes me feel better to say God likes what i'm doing, so that's what i'm going to say.. and if you don't like it this way, there's a church down the street where God likes what you are doing..."

ok, so random rant about religion today.

there you go.

Thursday, April 13, 2006
(Very) Random Thoughts...

first, i have a new going to work music. when i get off the interstate and hit the first stoplight.

i hit #2 on the CD player. "Sad but True" -- that song kicks ass... it's loud, it's heavy, and if i hit it just right, it ends just as i pull into my parking space. what a way to go in to the office.

second, i walked outside for a minute today. and there were kids. on a field trip to the place where i work. and i remembered. i used to take field trips to places like this. i used to dream about working at this type of place. i spent my life in school preparing.

now, i'm in year 4. and most days, this is just where i work.

but today, with the sun out and the kids visiting, i began to really appreciate it. to think about the opportunity i have.

third, strange things happened Tuesday night. no more elaboration at present.

fourth, have i mentioned that she is beautiful. like a delicate flower? i am amazed daily. i could not have created in my imagination a more perfect match ... a more wonderful sight to behold. every single attribute i find appealing.. she possesses.

why i am just now discovering her? our timing is off ... but the chemistry is on.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

and i'm posting again

that's right, people

still posting

probably b/c trick hasn't shown up for her training appointment yet


so, i'm well-rested

come on trick, wear my ass out

Monday, April 10, 2006
Monday post - - by demand!

That's right, people are screaming to hear from the rock.

and yes, trick, people scream when they get one-on-one rock time, too!:)

braless murphys? yep, i love 'em!

so, today's monday.

it's sunny and warm.

and i feel ... better.

and hot.

Friday, April 07, 2006
me again

first, thanks to murph and trick for their concern

and murph, thanks for noticing i've been writing more...

yesterday was tough for some reason

and it came back in the car on the way home

and then ... when i arrived to an empty home, it was better

and this morning, driving, listening to Metallica, even better

and i hesitate to even compare what's eating at me to other concerns out there

but i also know how i feel

today is better

this weekend will be better

i guess you get to a point where you say that you've put in so much time, that you care about the other person -- so you can't just walk away -

i want one thing

to be free to ask

there may be no takers at first

or ever

but i don't want to let more opportunity pass by

Thursday, April 06, 2006
I just lost it...

it's been coming for some time now


i'd get to that point... that edge of falling off

of breaking down

and then stop

or be restrained

but today

just now


i can't explain it

i'm in the process of trying to plan a weekend "away" for my wife and i

and i lost it

in my office

fortunately, no one else is here now

i am overwhelmed

i am lost

i cannot escape this path

and it tears me up

at night, it's all i think about..

when i wake up, it's on my mind

the music in the car in the morning can't be loud enough to make it go away

and now... just now... i lost it

sure, there are moments filled with work that take my mind away

but it's there

all day

some situations only exacerbate the pain

and i don't know what to do

i want to be good, be honorable

and largely, i have been

but i want what i want

and i can't make it go away

i've been saying in my mind... it's all a big mistake... i made a big mistake

i don't know how to undo it

but today

i lost it

just now

i needed this

to let this out

but it still hurts

and i can't make it go away

what's with...

whistling in the bathroom?

is this a guy thing ... or do women do this too?

i mean, i go to the bathroom, get my business done, wash up, and leave...

what's with going to a public restroom, walking in, and suddenly it's the damn "whistle zone"

does stupid activity suddently become ok when you go to a public restroom?

i mean, really

Wednesday, April 05, 2006
going down

to visit trick



if she can tear herself away from that "hung like a horse" guy...

actually, i'm just here posting

to keep up the string of consecutive weekday posts

still taking applications for a personal assistant

v is probably the lead candidate as she is my husband

but if murphy needs work, i can find some for her, too

anyone here got any experience in retail? -- seriously.

school is about to be over and business is about to be booming...

and no, it's not all adult videos and drinking games

it's the real thing

all belonging to rock

coming this summer

(though i'm coming sooner...)

Tuesday, April 04, 2006
back again...

that's right, trick

i'm back

i guess you can say you have my attention ... all this talk of taking your pants off and such

you take them off... sit back, and relax...

i know you'll be pleased

today is tuesday

and i'm excited

yes, that kind of excited

and also ... just excited b/c i may very, very soon have my own damn business

working for ME

anyone else need a job?

Monday, April 03, 2006

and rock is back

in black


i had 5 posts in a row, people -- so i had to have a weekend break

now, i'm back

and very curious about what trick was up to in k-ville?

weekend was GREAT -- very sunny, warm, and wonderful! -- yard work got done -- and i was reminded that really, really hard work makes me very, very horny

all in all, it was a nice weekend

and today's not so bad either

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