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Tuesday, February 28, 2006
2/3 of the Rock!

a new study on work patterns shows that American office workers complete 2/3 of their assigned work each day, down from 3/4 in 1994.

the decrease is attributed to the Internet -- ironically added to offices to speed up work.

so, your "rock-time" reading is probably cutting into your work

and my posting is definitely keeping me from finishing something


people are becoming very, very computer proficient and getting a lot more shit done during the day... and then they get assigned more mundane tasks and when they become interminably bored, they simply revert to internet time

anyway, you're getting 2/3 of the rock... which, by the way, is still quite wonderful

Thursday, February 23, 2006
will you have sex with me?

the next time i see her, that's what i'm going to ask.

b/c screw the bullshit

skip the games

let's get to the point

so, will you?

Wednesday, February 22, 2006
get a piece...

of the rock

right now

oh, and by the way -- just because you are thinking something, doesn't mean you should say it out loud

back to the post

i'm available for devouring

get a piece


Friday, February 17, 2006
Still beautiful...

yeah, so i had a bit of a bad day on wednesday

a breakdown of sorts

but i'm back

i'm not going to let one day -- one moment -- get me down

i'm not going to forget what's out there

i'm going to focus on doing what i can

i'm going to focus on being what i can

i'm not just going to sit on my ass

i'm going to make things happen

like i said at the beginning of the year

i'm rock

i'm here

and i'm ready for change and challenge

go ahead, try and fuck with me... ( i mean, really, try... b/c you know you want it!)

Wednesday, February 15, 2006
happy v-day...

or, happy v-day recovery

i read somewhere that the time right after new year's is a time when there are a lot of break-ups -- the holidays are over, people are ready for a fresh start, and they want to get it over with before valentine's...

which consequently makes valentine's a sad day for many

i actually had a relatively pleasant valentine's day

i took my wife to a restaurant we hadn't been to

bought her a gift certificate for a spa treatment...

gave her a card that was similar to the one i had given her 9 years ago -- when we were in college -- the card that started the relationship that became our marriage... the first open gesture of my feelings toward her

in contrast to other holidays, she actually provided me with some very thoughtful gifts

and i truly appreciated her efforts and let her know it (praising her when she's good can only help, right?!)

and then today came

and i realized

i'm still doing what i've always done -- still being wonderful to her -- still going to work every day -- still wondering how many more years i will live in which i have sex 4-6 times total -- still thinking about how i want to feel wanted

and thinking -- sure, last night was better

but will it last?

or will she revert back

and who fucking cares

because the bottom line: i'm not happy

i'm empty

i'm spent

in my mind, i'm in another place... i go there b/c it keeps me from focusing on what's right here

but that has to stop

it stopped for a moment today

and i nearly cried

which made me happy b/c it means i can still feel

i want to feel hurt, pain, happiness, wanting, desire...

i want to feel again

i want to feel again

Monday, February 13, 2006
You're beautiful ...

Now it's time to face the truth.

I will never be with you.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

She is beautiful

She is brilliant

From the glasses that add distinction to her face

to the perfectly chosen suit

to the delightfully smart shoes

a small box of chocolates will find its way to her desk

she won't know who sent them

but she will smile

Thursday, February 02, 2006
I wonder ...

If she likes being spanked...?

Wednesday, February 01, 2006
Wearing a Suit!

If you are going to wear a suit, you need to know HOW to wear it.

Don't wear a three-button suit everyday with only the top button buttoned -- you look like a dumbass

on a three button suit, button either 1) ONLY the middle button or 2) the top and middle buttons ... you may think it's cool to button only the top button, but it's wrong and looks stupid

NEVER, ever button the bottom button on your suit -- it's for decoration, not for buttoning -- if you have a standard 2-button suit, only the top button gets buttoned ... buttoning both makes you look like a high school freshman going to his first dance

finally, never walk around with your double-breasted suit unbuttoned -- 2-button and 3-button suits can be unbuttoned and look fine, buttoning for more formal situations and/or presentation ... a double-breasted suit has extra fabric that looks awkward just waving in the wind when you walk -- button it up -- when buttoned, i think a double-breasted suit creates a strong, powerful look... so why not?!

that's my lesson for today

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