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Wednesday, May 25, 2005
New Post by Demand!

Thanks, V!

Operation Sexy has commenced.

This week -- all week -- i'm going to be subtle and some not so subtle things to let my wife know i think she's wildly sexy...

i'm hoping she'll respond by feeling sexy, desirable, sensuous - and by the weekend, she'll be willing to join me in a "celebration" of her sexiness!!

don't get me wrong, i let her know i think she's attractive or smart or whatever a lot -- but this is different -- this is a concerted effort to romance her and "sex her up" for 5 days in order to get her in the mood ... call it 5-day foreplay... if it works, we'll both have a great time b/c she'll be ready and very willing to highlight her sexuality... and i'll get to have sex with the beautiful woman who is my wife...

so that's right -- OPERATION SEXY!

any advice is welcome!

Monday, May 23, 2005
movies and gifts ...

I saw Star Wars last week ... on opening night.

Excellent. Went back to a co-worker's place and watched the first Star Wars (now #4) with a couple of other people from work.

I was pleased with this outing overall -- I NEVER go out with co-workers or do anything really after work -- mainly b/c i'm in school (almost finished, by the way). And also b/c my wife is very demanding with my time -- and she doesn't make many friends at work and doesn't like to go out.

so, i'm not in social settings much outside of the office... for someone whose main job is public relations, i tend to be a touch socially awkward -- especially when members of the opposite sex are involved.

but not that night ... i was engaging, i listened, people laughed. it was a nice time. i should put myself in those situations more often.

on the gift note, i didn't really get a gift from my wife for my birthday -- to her credit, she did arrange a small party and ordered me a delicious cake -- so she went to some effort -- but no gift ... then, she said she'd get me a gift while she was out of town -- NOPE.

the other night she said now she's afraid i won't get her a gift for her birthday. maybe. I mean, this makes one anniversary (2003) and one birthday (2005) where i have gotten no gift from her. she didn't even go out of her way or try and get me something while on her trip. 4 days in a big city with lots of shopping opportunities and i get nothing.

i have to ask myself: does she really like me? Am i really special to her? Because it sure as hell doesn't feel like it at times like these.

Friday, May 20, 2005
Fixing stuff ...

how important is it to women that "their man" can fix stuff?

I mean, i can fix basic stuff... small home repairs, etc.

but i don't do jobs like taking up and replacing kitchen floors or much, if any, work on cars ... sure, i could change my own oil, but why?

my wife used to remind me that her dad always changes his own oil or fixes the brakes on his car, etc.

i don't. if the lawnmower breaks, i can't just fix it ... i take it and have someone else fix it.

though maybe i could figure out how to build a deck, i have NO desire to.

i do take care of the yard and again, do minor home repairs (replacing light fixtures, for example) ..

so, how important is it that "your man" be a Mr. fix it? ..or a do-it-yourselfer?

my wife apparently thinks it's amusing to joke with her friends that i'm "not mechanically inclined" or "i'd love to have new floors, but MY husband couldn't do that...." as if there's something wrong with that fact... i think what pisses her off the most is my total lack of interest in such tasks... i can't focus on them long enough to make them work .. and sure, i could learn, but why do i want to? ... this casual indifference appears to really frustrate her...

so, does a high maintenance woman really want a maintenance man?

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

i watched a movie that made me most uncomfortable last night.

as regular readers know, my wife is out of town this week.

so last night, i rented 3 movies to enjoy during the quiet time at home ... she doesn't like movies much, so this is an escape for me..

i chose Closer, Suspect Zero, and Mystic River.

closer was the choice last night.

i can't think of a movie i've seen in a while that made me feel more disturbed, more uncomfortable than this movie.

Let me be clear - the film was wonderful. well-acted. compelling.

and disturbing.

i feel like i fell into the movie ... and at the very end, during the Damien Rice song as the camera focuses on Natalie Portman walking the streets of New York ... i felt empty.

i watch movies for this reason -- to sit quietly, to think, to get lost and to feel

there really were no "funny parts" -- no slight hints of comedy to create a multi-level effect. it dealt in the reality -- the usually not so funny reality -- of relationships and their complexity -- of decisions and their consequences

i'm sure some of you have seen this -- probably months ago -- so i'll quit rambling for now.

tonight, the selection is "suspect zero" -- and please, don't ruin it for me!

Monday, May 16, 2005
Cart's for $1.00!

Does anyone recognize the problem with this statement?


Well, guess what? I'm gonna tell you!

The dumbasses who made this sign (yes, this was taken from an actual sign) used the apostrophe to make a word plural -- what they did instead was make it possessive.

Who is Cart? What of Cart's will I be getting for $1.00?

People do this all the time. It pisses me off. (oh, i ended in a preposition there -- but i'm aware of it).

I used to walk by a HUGE sign written in PURPLE marker at the front desk of my dorm in college -- the sign said Cart's for $1.00. You could "rent" a cart to load or unload your car -- especially helpful when you were moving in or out for the semester.

These were college students ostensibly getting an education. they were my peers. That scared me. Some of these people got degrees and apparently have jobs where they write memos or create documents wherein they use the possessive apostrophe to make a word plural.


Thursday, May 12, 2005

there is Tori Amos... good God, that woman is delightful.

If there's a woman who could make me have an orgasm just by looking at me the right way, she's it...

everything about her says sensuality...


on another ... and positive note...

wife and i had a couple of discussions/arguments this past weekend... the positive is we got a lot of issues on the table... and all through this week, i can tell a difference in the way she's acting... less tense, more open to me, etc... i think we worked through an early stage of where we'll need to head if we're going to improve our marriage... i'm for it.

and finally, because i like addressing multiple topics in a single post, unfurling posted a while back about the normal amount of masturbation for a guy... (or even for a girl, i suppose)

here's my commentary:

before i was married, it was definitely twice a day -- sometimes 3 or so on weekends ... easily more than 15 times a week.

even when i was dating my wife, and we'd have a sexual encounter (no intercourse, remember) i'd often return to my bed only to masturbate ...

early in our marriage, i noticed this decreased some as we were having sex nearly every night at first...

as our sex decreased, my desire to masturbate increased... and the only problem was/is opportunity. i do get in now about once every two days ... probably a total of about 4 times a week... i need more. and i really need REAL sex... i've noticed lately that after i masturbate, i still feel like i need more... i need that physical touch, that friction, that response from another person... imagining another person (even a particularly appealing co-worker) isn't quite enough.. i've got to have the real touch...

or, in the case of tori, that "just right" glance...

Monday, May 09, 2005

Originally uploaded by rock1.
This is Tina Fey -- yes, she is married ... this isn't the best photo -- i like her better with glasses (she wears them during update!)


Originally uploaded by rock1.
This is Marcia Cross -- or Brie, from Desperate Housewives .. for those who don't watch or who live in England.

I'll reiterate, I think she's amazingly hot!

Come Here, Tina Fey

Ok... reader demand has gotten my attention.

And, in a tribute to Unfurling, I thought I'd share my thoughts on a particularly attractive "celebrity woman" who "does it for me"

Yes, Tina Fey -- lead writer for Saturday Night Live and of course, co-anchor of Weekend Update ... Tina is 34 and apparently pregnant -- that's write, she and her boyfriend and/or husband (not sure if they're married) are expecting...

Tina Fey is amazing... smart, funny, cute ... amazing.

And I'll mention again that of all the desperate housewives, Marcia Cross (that's Brie) is the hottest in my opinion -- now I know most guys are probably drooling over Eva Longoria -- and she is quite the tasty morsel -- (did I just say that)... oh well... but for my taste, Marcia (master's degree in psychology) Cross beats them all ...

Did I mention that my wife is leaving town next week?... that means that Marcia, Tina, and I can spend some serious quality time together!

Monday, May 02, 2005
Go away, Kylie Minogue

You know it's bad when you can't get her out of your head.

Kylie Minogue, that is.

Sure, she has some redeeming qualities... they mostly involve her not singing and instead using her hot Australian body to ... well, you get the idea.

i can't get that damn song out of my head...

or maybe, it's the "other" girl..

she was in a dream the other night -- no, not one of THOSE dreams...

just a dream...

but she was there.

kylie minogue was, too...or maybe that was a different dream. Is it a dream if you are awake and standing in front of the mirror?

here's to another week of work..

i just can't get you out of my head, girl your ( )* is all i think about..

*(that's right, insert your own descriptor)

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