Hard As A Rock
Thursday, September 29, 2005

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well, here it is


on half-nekkid thursday

that's right

half-naked rock!

go ahead, murph -- it's your turn!

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

I was going to write some clever post about Britney Spears and Kevin Federline and their "Chaotic" lifestyle.

but what to say.

i watched this show the other night and almost vomited.

i have never seen 2 people who are so amazingly disgusting ... and yes, i went to college and lived in an all male dorm... so yeah, lots of disgusting crap there..

but the show almost made me sick

and gone are any possible fantasies i may have once had about ms. britney.

i think if i touched her my skin would melt as a result of her skank-like acidity

so enough of that

oh, and mona is done blogging over at imperial violet

she'll be back

but we all loved mona and her previous incarnation will be missed

tomorrow is hnr -- that's half-nekkid rock -- we'll see how it goes

it may be hnv, too -- that's half-nekkid vortexia -- my lovely hubby!

but wait -- has murphy accepted the challenge?

Monday, September 26, 2005
I love Brie!:)

Because she changed Rex out of that hideous prep school tie and into something more sensible, if a little more plain.

sure, he was already dead. sure, it was right in the middle of the funeral service... her focus on perfection has an appeal... plus, she's just super-hot!

my favorite show is back -- and i'm still loving it!

Friday, September 23, 2005
Half-Naked Rock

don't get too excited. not today, anyway!

but at murphy's suggestion, i may do a "half-naked thursday" post next week...

only because i think murphy is amazing

and a little bit of a freak

but the kind of freak you could take home to mom and dad and they'd only be slightly concerned

after which you would proceed to join murphy in terrorizing neighborhood cats with firecrackers ...

and maybe enjoy a little "quality" murphy time and hope she doesn't bring out the stick pins again...

Wednesday, September 21, 2005
Van Morrison

What the hell is up with Van Morrison?

I have known few or no guys who really like his music...

BUT ... all the women in my office love him ... apparently, he has a "new-ish" CD out ... and i'm getting to hear it.


so, women, what's up with Van Morrison? -- what's the attraction?

Monday, September 19, 2005
It's Fucking Monday!

Nope, that's not me complaining because it's Monday.

IT's a new holiday I've invented.

Since everyone around here likes to say, "it's fucking Monday..."

I figure we should put it into practice... so every monday, everybody fucks..

and if you're not fucking your spouse or "regular" partner, you fuck someone here at the office... because ...

It's fucking Monday!


Tuesday, September 13, 2005
sick day

well sort of

i mean, i was home the first part of the morning...

yesterday, i had the most horrible, terrible no good, very bad headache... and stomach issues

and was sick

so since then, i've eaten nothing but saltine crackers, sprite, and diet coke.

my stomach still hurts some ... and i'm not really hungry

but i'm working... sort of

at least i'm here

for the first part of today (mind you, i didn't arrive until 11 AM), the air conditioner was off... so it was hot as fuck and i was sick.. but it's better now ... and i have gotten some work done

thanks to all of you for your encouragement ...

and even though i'm sick, i still need to get laid!

Monday, September 12, 2005
another monday, another post

well, it's monday.

my wife told me this weekend that she thought i was probably thinking about divorcing her all the time

and that she knew why -- b/c she was a "bad wife" she said.

we had another "talk" -- and as unpleasant as these things can be, at least we're talking now

marriage is definitely work -- that's something people always said and i didn't really understand until the last year or so...

i was always saying, "yeah, i know -- i mean, staying with someone for 20 years or more takes work .. and sure, there are bad times, etc..."

but now i know.

it's vastly different than when you are dating someone -- even if you're in a very long-term relationship.

for one, when you are dating someone -- you can just leave. yeah, it may suck -- but then, all you are doing is leaving a relationship where you were 'exclusive' with that person for the option of being alone or pursuing other options -- there's no paperwork -- if you live together, you may need to get your stuff or your cat ... but that's it. it's all words.

i can say i'm leaving my wife tomorrow -- but it's different -- i made a lifetime commitment -- and i take that seriously. that's not to say i wouldn't leave given bad circumstances -- but it is to say that when i reach the point i did last year -- and even now -- that i should honor that commitment i made 5 years ago -- and work to make THIS work .. not just walk out

plus, even if i walked out and got my own place, i'm still married. uncontested divorce takes 60 days ... you have to get a lawyer, you have to separate financially, one of you (or both) have to give up your home

in my case, i've moved away from all of my family and most of my friends -- do i move back? do i stay where i am and where i have established a career and life for myself?

anyway, marriage is hard. and for those who have kids, it's even harder. i've known people who have become so involved and "distracted" by their children that they've neglected the problems in their relationship -- when they slow down and realize where they are -- they are no longer connected to their spouse -- but they've been married 15 years or more ... they've got children now and don't want to leave them ... what do they do?

and I know other couples who realize how deep and painful their problems are when they have a child .... the added stress heightens the tension between them and they don't know what to do...

YES, marriage can be wonderful ... and i envy those who have managed 20, 30, 50 year partnerships...

BUT, my warning is enter into marriage carefully -- don't rush in ... (not that i did) -- and when you commit to a marriage, honor that commitment -- which means doing all you can when times get tough -- if things don't improve, make your call and get out if you need to -- but make the effort.

that's my commentary for today

oh, and i need to get laid

or something

Thursday, September 08, 2005
That one girl ...

who worked at the floral department at the grocery store where i once worked.


red hair

exotic look

she was always flirting with me ... and i with her

this was years ago

i had just begun dating my wife... well, it had been almost a full year, actually.

She asked me out -- the floral girl

and i didn't go

and last night, she popped into my head out of nowhere

I wonder where she is...

i wonder why i've been so good for so long

i wonder why i didn't take chances when i could have

i wonder when the next opportunity will come along



some of you may want to know about my wife... and our labor day weekend


we talked

we argued

we hugged

we cried

she said she wanted to work with me

she didn't want to lose me... didn't want to lose us

i told her that about 1 year ago, i was ready to walk out --

but i stayed

and tried to push some issues

and that i thought we were getting better

but i need her to join me

she said she would

so -- we had the talk ... and we're going forward

and everything's out there

we'll see

Friday, September 02, 2005
Ten Minutes of Peace

I had 10 minutes of peace today

at around lunchtime. just a few moments ago, to be more precise.

I enjoyed some crackers, some peanut m&m's and the first 2 songs from Loretta Lynn's "Van Lear Rose" -- a pretty solid collection of music, by the way -- though i'm not much of a country fan.

the music speaks to me b/c it's about where i'm from ... where my family is from

and with no one else in the office, no calls, no one stopping by -- for 10 minutes, i had some peace

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