Hard As A Rock
Friday, March 31, 2006
Day 5

this is 5 posts in a row!

hold on to yourself, trick!

today is friday, so i'm more relaxed -- but do remind me not to slip again and try vodka on a thursday night when i have to get up friday morning.


i don't even think i drank that much. but i felt like i couldn't move this morning -- well, my body would move but my head wouldn't cooperate.

anyway. i'm here.

and i know that through the current conflict that is torturing my heart and mind, something good will come.

i know this b/c i can't believe i would be in this situation unless it's for a reason -- there is a lesson to be learned.. and i don't know what it is yet... but i guess i'm learning as i go

oh my

getting sleepy

time for some caffeine

Thursday, March 30, 2006
and again ...

i'm posting

she is amazing today

more than i can handle

i'm always so good. so proper.

just once

just once i want to be devious

to be indulgent

to take that chance

and it may be soon

Wednesday, March 29, 2006
Relief ...

last night, i get home -- my wife has dinner cooked -- and a candle going in the living room --

she had done the laundry -- she said she was trying to let me relax a bit.

i greatly appreciated it... greatly.

and then, there was relief -- yes, it was self-inflicted. but it was wonderful.


so, today -- it's a hard day -- i could certainly use some v time... but it's a good day, too

Tuesday, March 28, 2006
Even Harder ...

today than yesterday

yes, i thought it was impossible

but it's true


Monday, March 27, 2006
A Very Hard Day!

rock is having a very hard day

no, not a terrible, horrible, very bad day

just a very hard day

very hard

Friday, March 24, 2006
Put it away!

i mean damn.

how many fucking personal calls are you getting on your cell phone at work?

if there is a desperately urgent call during work hours, someone can call your work number. but how many fucking people do you have to talk to while you are at WORK?

and what the hell is up with putting a work call on hold to answer your personal cell phone?

"i never turn my cell phone off, i have kids..."

what the hell does that mean? they can't call you at work? you don't have a phone in your house?

"i have to answer if it's my daughter..."

really? so she can tell you she failed her math test?

what happened before cell phones -- i'll tell you -- we concocted schemes to deceive our parents and had a good story ready for them by the time they picked our little asses up from school -- we talked to our friends in person.

now, i have a cell phone. i keep it on when i'm away from the office and when i'm traveling to and from work -- and sometimes when i'm out on the weekends.

but it's not a fucking appendage

now, why can't you find a quieter way to waste time at work ... like blogging?

or having sex with murphy on your bosses conference room table?

Thursday, March 23, 2006
Thursday ...

used to be for posting HNR ... but it's still cold and it's almost April

anyway, when summer comes, i might too! ...


what else


i'm at work

so i should be working

but whatever

i'd love to be in seattle

especially when spring really comes

but i like today

something's going to happen -- maybe trick will be there

and have i mentioned how happy i am that murphy has found a man... even if he is called melissa...?

i wonder if he realizes that she inspired a whole line of dolls-- the Murphy-Hot Bitch! :)

Monday, March 20, 2006
The answer is yes ...

before you ask

the answer is yes

yes, you caught me

yes, i can't resist

yes, it was you

yes, in my dream

yes, every night

yes, your kiss would capture me

yes, your looks entrance me

yes, you can possess me

yes, i'll give it all to you

yes, all of me

yes, for all of you

yes, every day

yes, forever

yes, from now on

yes, you can own me

yes, when you are mine

before you ask

before you glance again

before your mind wonders

before your heart skips the next beat

before you ask

the answer is YES

Friday, March 17, 2006
Please Stop ...

Please stop being so beautiful

Please stop being so brilliant

Please stop being so wonderful

Please stop being there

almost isn't enough

almost i can't stand

almost every day

almost out of control

all i want

is all i can't have

just one thing


Wednesday, March 15, 2006
Bree's Wisdom...

I don't know why i'm just now posting this ... probably because Sunday I was watching the show and on my second glass of my now favorite drink -- vodka and sprite...

anyway -- on desperate housewives, Bree tells her son, "the opposite of love is not hate. it's indifference."

amazingly true.

Bree is/was right (and HOT)


that's the word

What a difference ...

a day makes

after Saturday's explosion, i revisited the issue on Sunday .. then, took Monday off...

how pleasantly surprised i was to arrive home last night ... having had only one day between orgrasms... and realizing my wife was not going to be home for at least an hour

so, i took matters into my own hands again

and what a delight ... the single day off made the experience wonderful, but not desperate

thanks to all of you who provided fantasy elements for me..


Monday, March 13, 2006
one week

it's been almost one week since i've posted

also of note

this past saturday i realized it had been one FULL WEEK -- SEVEN DAYS -- since i last had an orgasm

so, as my wife went to bed early, i opted to stay up and watch TV ... and took care of my little problem... which quickly turned into a big problem ... which after a while turned into a HUGE mess... i don't think i've gone more than 5 days in a row without an orgasm EVER ... so you can imagine the sweetness of the release (and sheer volume, too!)

that's all for now

life is back in balance

Tuesday, March 07, 2006
amazing day

yesterday was an amazing day

well, it was a normal day until about 6 PM

but after that, it was amazing

more details may come later

and more amazing things may be happening

Monday, March 06, 2006
The Million Dollar Room!
No, not at the Million Dollar Hotel

so, here's the scenario.

Someone tells you that you can have $1 million.

all for you.


it's going to be kept in a glass room that's easy to find and see ... for one year.

there is a code to get in the room. You will get the code at the end of the year. but the keypad is there for all to see.

anyone can try and access the room by guessing the code. or by breaking in if they can.

however, if you attempt to guess the code, break-in, or otherwise access the room, the million dollars will no longer be available to you.

remember, though, that if you wait until all circumstances align, and no one else has accessed the money, it's all yours.

what do you do?

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