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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

don't call someone and talk to them while you are eating.

hearing someone eat while they are trying to talk is annoying.

finish your damn food, then make the call

Guys with long hair

what's the word?

any girls here like the guys with long hair?

I'm a neat and short kind of guy

but that's just me

Thursday, December 15, 2005
it's too late

hnr 12-15
Originally uploaded by rock1.
if you had a request, and this is it, you win

otherwise, you'll have to wait til next week

so, enjoy

and request away for the next HNR!

it's Thursday...

and i think i'm taking requests for HNT

we'll see

post them here or email them

Tuesday, December 13, 2005
a few items...

first, for those of you looking to email me, you can do so at loverock28@yahoo.com

second, welcome to new readers!

third, today.

this morning.

after my shower and shave, i'm standing in front of the mirror. wearing only my boxers. and i feel it

moving, dancing, itching

i'm growing inside my shorts

and i LIKE it

the wife has already gone

i have about 10 minutes before i MUST leave to be at work on time

and so i pull my cock out

and look down

and smile

and i remember the times i've had someone else there, pulling it out for me, playing with it, warm hands touching hot flesh

and i look in the mirror

and admire it

and turn sideways, and look at its length

and turn again, a good view of the head

round, throbbing, engorged, turning purple-red

and i close my eyes

my hand clasps

and strokes
and strokes

i tease the head

and tease

and stroke

and my eyes open,

i'm bigger now

pre-cum has formed

and i watch

my mind switches on the fantasy channel

images run in and out

a few seconds of her, a few more seconds of the next one

my mouth forms a name, then another

my eyes close again, my body begins to shudder

and i complete the act

and i stand up straight and strong

my tension released

a smile on my face

i clean up, cool down, and get dressed

it's off to work i go

and i wonder on the way in -- will i ever have a playmate like i used to? like my wife or A or even B?

Monday, December 12, 2005
another monday...

another post

I'm glad to see the Venting Housewife is BACK!

and hot as ever

i hope all is well with her

my weekend was filled with thoughts of vortexia in boyshorts -- and of trick in that kick-ass vicky's secret outfit

oh, and also, i was at a speech tournament

as i filled out a ballot, i realized that 12 years ago, i was doing the same thing. sitting in probably the same room, judging at a speech tournament

12 years ago, i was 18... and i thought i would be 18 forever

10 years ago, on that very same day, i met my wife

today, it's monday

i almost broke something today

b/c of the sexual tension

i don't need sleep or food right now

but i need a touch, a hug, an embrace so hard and so long that you know the other person wants to be YOU... wants to consume every bit of you

that's what i need this monday

Friday, December 09, 2005
a little late...

Originally uploaded by rock1.
but here i am



Sticks and Stones

that's it.

the phrase that ends all verbal attacks.

remember when you were a kid and someone would say, "rock's mom's a whore"

well, you'd simply respond: "sticks and stones may break my bones but YOUR words can never hurt me..."

what could the verbal assailant say in response to that?

not one damn thing.

as an adult, you learn that perhaps nothing hurts worse than words -- sometimes, you'd rather be beaten with a stick repeatedly than hear truthful words angrily thrown about

but words

only mean what we let them

you're only my girlfriend for as long as i'll call you that

and you can say i'm your boyfriend, but if i don't agree, then your words are meaningless

tune in later

there will likely be a delayed HNR post...

and V, we're still waiting on you and those boyshorts!

Tuesday, December 06, 2005
you can't avoid it


so the other day, my wife and i are in the car

just talking

and i bring up something that seems kind of innocuous ...

then she makes another comment

then i say something else on that topic

then she says, "that's never going to happen"

and i disagree and etc... a small argument ensues

i say small

i mean, after i stated my position she says, "I'm not going to discuss this with you right now"

to which i respond "well, this situation is going to come up again -- and soon -- so we might as well talk about it"

"i'm not going to deal with it right now"

THIS is the story of our marriage. A big issue comes up -- we have a minor argument. And then anytime it is brought up again, she won't deal with it.

then, the big issue finally arrives. big fucking surprise, she's pissed.

couldn't we have avoided some of this by dealing with it earlier? sure, we may disagree - it may even be unpleasant, but can't we just progressively deal with some things -- maybe in advance we'd reach some compromises.

sure, we're not both going to always be happy with everything

but there's no point in this kind of relational tactic

this idea that if we don't actually have the argument, the problem isn't there.

here's some news: the problem doesn't go away -- it just lingers and waits -- and in time, it surfaces ... and when it surfaces, it's bigger and badder

this blog is ready to move in with murphy and forget about the previous life

this blog is further ready to consummate the marriage with vortexia (and the beer)

ladies, will this weekend work?

Monday, December 05, 2005
another public service announcement from this blog

if you are going to be all hot and sexy in a pair of corduroy pants and a cute-ass sweater that reveals your flat, sexy stomach... PLEASE do not also be my office-mate who i have to look at every time i want to leave the room.. you give me a HUGE erection and that's embarrassing when i go out into the hall and see other people

further, please refrain from coming into my office, leaning against a table, and talking to me about some such thing i can't remember b/c i was focused on how i'd like to fuck you right then and there on that table...

This type of behavior is ONLY permissible IF you plan on actually engaging in a sexual act WITH ME.

no, we don't have to have sex at the office if that makes you uncomfortable... we can wait until the day is over and run off to a hotel

but again, you are causing me to become uncontrollably aroused and then leaving me to do something about it all by myself

IF by some odd chance, you are WILLING, send me at least some semblance of a sign (yes, i'm a guy, so i'm slow) and i'll take you into the conference room, lock the door, and cure your 5 year sexual drought...

that is all

i have somewhere to go at the moment

Friday, December 02, 2005
Why do I hate Jimmy Buffett?

Because he SUCKS!

Thursday, December 01, 2005

that's me.

Not naked rock ... again

this time, i have no camera.

i usually keep it here, at my desk

and yeah, i'd take my shirt off or take a shot down my leg or something today

but for now, you'll just have to imagine

hell, all V gave us was some random thoughts

taja keeps playing, though -- and all of us are Thankful for that!

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