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Thursday, June 29, 2006
Grammar Asshole

That's me.

I just don't understand how people can be such grammar idiots.

i mean, really. how is this possible?

your instead of you're?

or, here's my favorite -- people adding an apostrophe to make a word PLURAL.

that's fucking wrong, people.

if you want to say more than one FRY it's fries, not FRY's. the word FRY'S means that someTHING belongs to FRY -- like: "that pen over there belongs to FRY, it's fry's!"

get it.

are people not at least learning basic punctuation at school? or do they not even fucking care?

or, CART's for $1.00 -- seriously, i read that sign not long ago. who is cart? what of hers are you selling for a dollar? i asked the people behind the desk - they were perplexed.

maybe i've been on this rant before?

i don't fucking care.

i need to see murphy and let her kick my ass with the shoestring from her running shoes

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

just one

one lick

you name the place

anywhere ...

i just want one lick

Monday, June 26, 2006

someone asked me the other day, in response to an offhand comment i made about you, what exactly it is there is to like...

let's start with your brilliance

your commitment to hard work

your ability to arrive flawless, work a 12-hour day, and leave exhausted, certainly, but flawless, nevertheless

your red-blonde hair, it's curls bouncing with your steps

those deep brown eyes that i could get lost in

the smile... and the way it lights up my eyes

i could talk about your height -- you're the perfect size for me... your narrow waist and great legs...

or the 4 inch heels you wear expertly

the way you perfectly match

the way you are a true professional even when you are being devious

the way you caught my eye like NO ONE ever has

the way you laugh

the way you wear your glasses --

what do i like about you?

the way i see no one else when you walk in the room...

the way i think of you everytime i hear that james blunt song...

you say you want... diamonds and a ring of gold...

All i want ... is YOU

Friday, June 23, 2006

it's friday.

a weekend awaits.

and let me mention...

my wife and i had "the talk"

the one we've been needing to have for some time.

the one we've started, talked around, hinted at

the one where i said, "yes, i'm serious... if this doesn't change, i'm leaving..."

i put it out there in clear, explicit language. there was no yelling ... and no crying

just a serious talk.

so we both know where we are.

it feels so much better to have that out there and know that it is clearly understood

we'll see what happens

but i made a move

a change

a push

Wednesday, June 21, 2006
let's get serious...

or, seriously physical...

how do you like your sex?

does the trickster take it hard?

do you like it nasty?

do you take it in the rear?

road head, anyone?

let's talk about it...

Monday, June 19, 2006

that girl over there wants to fuck me

the tall, skinny girl with the reddish hair

she wants it bad

from me

she's thin

kinda cute in the face

perfect ass and great legs

probably an "A" cup

and she wants to fuck me

well, she did

for about 4 years anyway

from the time she was 17 until she was 21

and then again i saw her... at 25 and i could tell... if she could have, she would have

but i didn't

so there she is

again... another few years have passed

and that tall, skinny, no longer virginal girl wants to fuck me

Friday, June 16, 2006
what ...

the hell am i doing today?

working my tired ass off, that's what...

well, actually, all that work came to a screeching halt just a moment ago

and so, here i am

writing some drivel in an online journal

and imagining a weekend with trick

cut off jean shorts and a white tank top -- that's what you're wearing...

and we'll take it from there...

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

i've got to post more often.

it's therapeutic

i've thought about stopping

but i can't

i need some good outlet -- someplace to put my thoughts and get a little feedback from totally anonymous people who don't really know me about what's going on in my life

i mean, that makes perfect sense

meet people you never see and let them give you there words of wisdom

actually, it does make some sense

b/c these "blog people" don't know you from a past relationship or school or something. so, they can just tell you what they think based on their life experiences and hopefully, you can learn from it...

like i'm learning all sorts of stuff about sex from trick

(well, not really, but she should post a tutorial for guys on how to land a hottie like the trickster... and how to keep her satisfied!)

and i'm learning about the power of laughter from murphy -- her perspective is truly unique and one i'm sure i'd enjoy in person

and from dearest v... DESIRE...

and anyone else who drops by... well, you take what you find and use it best you can

so, thanks

off to eat a south beach diet pizza

and water

Thursday, June 08, 2006
delicious lunch

with W.

you remember, this blog introduced her sometime ago as a former client/colleague who would often take me to lunch

cute, same age as me, professional, similar work situation. still single.

anyway, she suggested lunch a while back as we hadn't seen each other in almost 4 years. i accepted and today was it.

delicious-- and that just describes the way she looked in an adorable black dress and smart sandals. i believe she has quit smoking. a big plus

and this time, there was no work or pretense of work to discuss -- just a chance to relax and chat... lunch took some time ... and it was nice.

and W will provide at least a temporary mental break from X -- yes, i've given her a name -- that mysterious girl who i write about from time to time in half-attempts at poetry to express a deep desire (or, i'm really, really horny). anyway, i'm calling her X.

and W is today

is delicious

and frankly, was just plain nice to talk with over a 2 hour+ lunch....

Tuesday, June 06, 2006
Hairy-chested survey ....

A memory of a conversation i had a while back prompted me to ask these questions: (for the ladies, please)

1) would you say most guys you have been with/dated/etc have been hairy or smooth-chested?

2) what is your preference? -- do you like a guy with a completely smooth chest, somewhat hairy, or what?

ok, guys -- you can weigh-in i suppose RE: your own personal hairy-ness!

Friday, June 02, 2006

i'm posting again

and it hasn't even been a full week!

i feel better this week

i think some time to reflect helped

there is still some personal anguish

and disappointment

but i feel better

if only i had gotten out and run away with murphy when i had the chance

there's still time, though

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