Hard As A Rock
Wednesday, March 21, 2007
marry me ...

i know

i know

it's been a while

today i have confirmed what i have thought for a long time

i want to marry her

that fact is becoming more clear the more i know of her

i could not have imagined or created a more perfect partner

would we have ups and downs? sure. would there be inevitable struggles? yes.

i'm not an idiot. I know the grass is not always greener. i've spent 2+ years observing and the last few months getting to know much better...

and i still know it wouldn't be perfect

but i know what makes me happy ... and i know what ruins a happy day

i know that 2 people who have a strong friendship can form a strong life partnership

i know that i continue to be in complete awe of her

so now, what to do about the pesky fact that i'm already married... ?


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