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Thursday, November 29, 2007
Stop Obligatory Head

there's a problem sweeping the country. Well, probably just my house and maybe a few others.

the problem: obligatory blow jobs.

some wives and girlfriends have begun to feel like they should be more sexually "available" to their partners.

but, they don't like sex that much ... or, they don't like their partners that much anymore but won't admit it ... and so, they've resorted to a supposedly quick and harmless means of pleasing their man -- the blow job.

every guy loves receiving oral. some respond more quickly than others. some people have even said that guys are just glad you are doing it, so it's almost impossible to do it wrong.

but i am here to say: not all blow jobs are good. obligatory ones tend to suck the most. that is, they are designed to help the guy achieve climax as quickly as possible so the girlfriend or wife can back to whatever it is she wants to be doing.

here's the deal: if i want to achieve orgasm quickly, i can do that by myself. i just NEED a release, i can achieve that mechanically on my own (and probably with one hell of a nice fantasy).

If you don't really want to, or you're not into it, don't do it. Stop the spread of obligatory head.

Now i realize that some women don't like giving head but do it as foreplay or as a means to get what they want (oral from their man). fine -- if it's part of a "trade", that can work. but nevertheless, you should be as enthusiastic and passionate about giving head to me as you'd want me to be for you.

if it's all about getting me off so i'll leave you alone for a few days, don't bother. I'll find time -- in the shower, when you're out, whenever.

and know this: guys like sex, oral, vaginal, whatever. but we also appreciate the full experience -- lots of foreplay, giving you oral, passion. it's about more than getting off if we really care about you. hell, even if it's a one-night hookup, we want it to be good. So, if you're not up for it, and don't think you'll be any more excited when you see our naked body or our penis, don't bother.

if you think that seeing our penis or starting to suck on it might turn you on and you'll become passionate, sure, give it a whirl.

just don't feel obligated.

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