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Friday, July 29, 2005

I reallly like basements.

I mean basements in institutional buildings ... like schools, for example.

sometimes, they have windows and you get a little light.

mostly, they are closed in. when the lights are off, it's dark. You move by sound. you hear the humming of a vending machine. The working of a water fountain.

You might see exposed pipes

you probably feel alone.

but not scared.


i love the way schools smell. school buildings. I think most colleges i've visited have buildings that smell the same. like school. i used to not notice. but now that i'm only at a college building once a week or so, i notice. and i love it.

i used to spend most of my spare time in the library -- not a great place to meet people. but it's where i was, so if you wanted to meet me, that's where you would have gone.

i don't like "expressions" --by this i guess i mean metaphors. things people say, like "it's raining cats and dogs" or "yeah, I heard he threw his hat into the ring" ... these are just words to fill up space. they don't mean anything.

i had a high school teacher once and whenever he saw someone, he'd say, Hey, what do ya know? ... what the hell was this supposed to mean? i suppose there was a formulaic answer ... like "nothin' much" or "nothin' good" or "whaddya know?"... i love how people answer questions with questions...How are you?, I say... well, How are you? ... good. good.


it's all a game.

when we are kids, we play games. we make up rules.

as adults, nothing changes. we have crazy rules. things we say and the appropriate response. if you don't know the response, you can't play that game. if this happens a lot, you don't get to play the let's get to know each other after work in a social setting -- like a bar or a ball game -- game. b/c you're weird. weird people who can't play the basic games don't get to play the more complex games. b/c they'd screw them up.

i don't like games. Adults shouldn't play games with each other. If you ask me how i am, you should really want to know ... and if you don't, don't ask...

here's my deal -- i see someone, i learned the game -- i say how are you -- but what you'll find out is this -- if you stop, if you say "frustrated" or "angry" or "not as good as i should be" or whatever, i'll say, "really, why?" ... and stand there and look at you and listen actively. i'm not going to offer you a bunch of cliche' advice ... i am going to listen.

there's the sex game ...

and the college game

and the work game

it's not real.

it's all make believe.

and that's why i like basements.

because not too many people go down there -- they're not supposed to because the "scary" game tells them it's weird and awkward to be alone.. in a confined space with no windows...

but i like it there.

i guess my favorite place in the whole world would be a basement in a library ... i once stayed in the library at college until they turned the lights out and locked it up...

i had to find my way out ... that was a fun game.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Originally uploaded by rock1.
ok, i haven't posted a hot chick in a while, so here i go!

It's jessica simpson ...and i don't care if what she says makes any sense (if you really listen, sometimes it does)... she's simply precious and the subject of recent fantasies...

of course, she's no where near as HOT as Vortexia (check out her pics on her site)... but jessica is indeed quite tasty.

Monday, July 25, 2005
It's all about the body parts ...

well, at least it is over at Unfurling ... and at Vortexia...

Mr. U has a large (uncircumcised) penis he is very proud of ... he should be proud of it, i suppose ... it seems to be in good working order... some girls i know don't like the uncut look.. but some do (maybe)? ... anyway, he shows it off a lot -- missing recently due to a parting of ways, are pics of ruthie in all her sexiness...

Vortexia has a far MORE revealing pic on her site ... no, you don't see the most intimate details of her body -- but in a way, you certainly do ... the effect is quite seductive, i might add...

as for me, many regular readers will note that i went on vacation recently (hence about a week of no posts)

vacation was all about QUALITY and not necessarily quantity -- i guess that's the wisdom of 5 years of marriage... my wife and i indulged ourselves sexually and did some things together we hadn't done since we were first married... we didn't spend every waking minute engaged in intercourse or some variation, but we had some very, very nice times...

a bit of a dry spell since our return, but i guess like Taja, i have a camel-like ability to store up ...

and if the sex returns at the same level and intensity we enjoyed on vacation, i'll be quite delighted...

i read unfurling's post about contentment ... and maybe that's where i am ... or where i let myself go ...

M is back... emailing ... sharing ... bringing me smiles...

and NCW (yes, that's new-coworker) -- not so incredibly new lately, hasn't been seen in some time.. .intentionaly on my part -- and i suppose hers --

some focus and attention has been paid to the 46 year old divorced office mate -- i have mentioned her very early on... she is rather hot, and she complains at least once daily of the lack of sex in her life... she has said she doesn't want some nagging man, doesn't need a "player" ... but she'd love to have just a regular "partner"... someone to give her what she didn't have AT ALL for the last 4 years --- that's right people, no sex for 4 years.. going on 5 now...

if i knew no one was around, i'd take her into the conference room, bend her over the table, and give her what she needs... (b/c I could certainly use it, too...)...

of course, all sorts of problems would ensue -- but for the moments of pleasure we'd enjoy ... hmm...

ok, so i'm getting sidetracked... but i'm here...

Wednesday, July 20, 2005
all kinds of HOT

That's right.

my readers are all kinds of hot!

from V who tells us she's just plain hot to murphy who tells us she's on FIRE...


so yeah, i'd be all over murphy right now ... trying to keep that fire burning ... (not because I have a mad desire to get it on with murphy, but because i'm really cold right now)

oh, and i do have a mad desire for murphy.

keep it coming ladies... (and guys, if you want to tell us your kind of hot, feel free)

Monday, July 18, 2005
What kind of hot are you?

Everyone has their own kind of hotness... a way of expressing themselves that makes others find them "hot"

I might describe myself as intellectual, well-dressed hot -- that is, I'm a decent-looking guy, clean cut, wear glasses and definitely not jockish ... but i wear fashionable suits and ties that draw attention to a certain "sense of style"...

others are purely intellectual hot -- messy hair, thick-rimmed glasses, lots of greens and browns in their outfits...

some are HOT hot... great bodies, no need for clothes, everything they wear looks great on them ...

and there are all sorts of other types of hot...

so, what kind of HOT are you?

Tuesday, July 05, 2005
4th of July recap.

had a relatively nice 4th of July weekend.

got to sleep. a lot.

no sex.

but lots of sleep.

though i'm not a drinker (or haven't been to date) I discovered I really do enjoy a little jack and coke.

ok, mostly jack and a little coke.

odd how i've missed this for so many years and am just now discovering.

not to worry. I won't be acting like Megan anytime soon (that's murphy's friendly, slutty, nasty roommate for those of you not keeping up).

murphy has now had 2 dates with a decent guy. good for her.

soon, my wife and I will have been married 5 full years.

though some of those years have not been pleasant, we're still together.

I've been trying two approaches to improve the relationship -- one -- Operation Sexy -- and two -- slowly but steadily increasing the amount of feedback I give her ... that is, if i don't like something, I simply say it in plain language -- if I think she needs to do more of the cleaning, cooking, shopping, or other household stuff, i tell her -- or, when she asks, i refuse to do it ... or, if something's sitting around needing to be done, I don't go out of my way to do it ..

so far, both are working fine. though no sex in a few weeks, the sex did pick up right at the start of operation sexy and i have every reason to believe it will resume soon.

she's also sharing more of the household responsibilities. ... she's doing more -- so i feel like she's being a better roommate ... you'll remember that for a while i felt like i had neither a good housemate or a good "playmate" if you will ... i mean, if i were over-sexed by a seductress like V, Emily, or MURPHY, i wouldn't give a damn if I had to do all the cooking, cleaning, and organizing ... but barring that, i'd really like to have a decent roommate ... AND what I really would like is a happy medium ... (well, i'd really like the over-sexed part and also the house-partner, but that's probably too much to ask)... so, i think we're heading there.

what's next?

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