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Friday, October 28, 2005
This thing's worth $

according to the handy little link at the left, my blog is worth just over $13,000.

not bad.

if it gets closer to $100,000, i'll consider selling.

someone else can be "hard rock" and i'll just enjoy the cash!

Thursday, October 27, 2005
here i am

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yeah, it's hnt again

and no, i'm not posting an itchy penis

Tuesday, October 25, 2005
Whitening Teeth

I LOVE Listerine's pre-brush Whitening Rinse

it is SO easy to use, and it really works

after just over a week of use, i've noticed a nice difference in my teeth

even my wife commented the other day that my teeth looked whiter


this makes me smile... but be careful, it may be like the Orbitz commercial and i may blind you

and no, Listerine did NOT pay me for this endorsement.

Monday, October 24, 2005

yeah, that's right.

i'm going to win an xbox.

i've been drinking 20 oz mountain dews like crazy so i can get the sweepstakes numbers


i haven't won an xbox yet

i mean, if my wife won't play with me, at least the xbox will keep me occupied...

also, i have a new idea that builds on an idea murphy and i came up with a while back...

remember the murphy-hot bitch? -- that amazingly hot and smart girl who WANTS to sleep with you? -- she's not just hot, she's murphy-hot... she's got more than you can handle...

well, murphy-hot bitches now have a new playmate, rock-hard bastards ... these guys are always hard, always hot, always ready with a smart-ass quip, and yes, taja, they know how to use their mouths! (and not for talking)... rock-hard bastards are large and in charge... and your satisfaction is their desire...

so, whatever your needs, we here at murphy's rock, inc have what you need...

Murphy hot bitches and Rock-hard bastards...

take your pick!

Thursday, October 20, 2005
can you hear me now?

can you hear me now?
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um, yeah, that's really what i titled this HNT entry.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005
A terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week ... so far

Ok, i'm fine

but 2 of my friends aren't.

I learned recently that one of my friends from college is in the hospital after trying to kill himself -- for the 3rd time. at least he's not very good at it.

and -- another friend has recently been diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

so, it's not going well.

and my friends need my thoughts and prayers (ok, murphy, don't gag here)

and probably my presence when the time is right.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005
so, it's TNT


so where are your pictures?

what else?

i suppose i should write something down today

i keep having this very VIVID dream

and i'm at my wife's funeral. There's a long history in my wife's family of the younger sister dying -- in 2 girl families on her mother's side, all of the younger sister's have died for some generations back... and my wife is the younger sister -- who incidentally looks almost exactly like her late aunt (her mom's younger sister) ...

i don't know if that's it or if something else is causing the dreams and then the knowledge of the "younger sister" curse is feeding the fire

anyway, i've had this "vision" of being at my wife's funeral for some time now -- and in the last few weeks, it's turned into a dream - i can see the clothes i'm wearing both for visitation and the funeral. I can imagine being at the gravesite. i can't really make out her face, but i see myself crying with her family

it's one of those eery things that happens -- my wife probably won't die at some young age -- but i can't deny the intensity of the dream or its recurrence

is the dream a way of preparing me for the event?

the one thing i never have figured out is how she dies ... i just know i'm at her funeral ... and i can even see myself coming home alone .. the empty house cold and unwelcoming

ok, so that's my happy thought for the day!

remember, it could be TNT if you want it to be... and murphy, this Thursday, YOU have to play

Friday, October 14, 2005
It's time for MNF!

no, not Monday Night Football

Murphy Naked Friday

Since she doesn't feel half-nekkid on Thursdays, maybe she'll feel totally naked on Friday -- or show us a totally naked part of her at least

or some blurry naked poses

so, murphy, i accepted the HNT challenge ...

now, show us your MNF!

Thursday, October 13, 2005

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this is it

my HNR for TODAY!

Wednesday, October 12, 2005
Woo for Wednesday

We need a W for Wednesday... or something

also, i vote for murphy's sister as my next wife

sorry, murphy -- oh, hell -- i'll take murphy -- i bet

well, you know

so why is that when your spouse feels negative, she has to call people and make them feel negative -- not just tell them why her day is going badly, but to just be negative and downright rude on the phone

i mean, we're watching tv and she just calls someone and starts in on all this negativity ('well, you can't do that.. .that'll never work, i don't know why you'd do that) -also, just her general tone ...

i asked her afterward what the point of the call was -- i just feel like being honest, she says -- i say, "no, you feel like bringing everyone down to negativity with you"

i'm really tired of it -- years and years of negativity wear on you

she doesn't have any real friends -- because no one is "perfect" enough for her -- i barely make it... and i can't have any friends b/c all i hear about is their flaws and how i might be spending some time with these flawed friends instead of focusing on her and her well-being and happiness

i'm going to a football game next weekend -- she can't stand it -- what will she do for a whole day without me there? --

i told her she'll survive -- it pisses her off that i don't act like i miss her -- i'm going to be gone for 2 fucking days -- i won't miss her, i'm not pretending

get over it

Monday, October 10, 2005
TV and stuff...

First, it appears i have a few new visitors -- or they are at least commenting for the first time -- venting housewife, dana, and one or 2 more!

thanks for stopping by!

Second, let me say that i really enjoy the tv shows on FX -- Rescue Me, Nip/Fuck, and Over There are all solid shows and I've laughed a bit at episodes of "Starved" -- now, for some advice -- they need to have real, recognizable seasons -- instead of showing the same episodes every damn night... but all in all, i like the gritty edge to these shows -- the reality that is emphasized almost to the point of absurdity -- and then you realize -- there are people who live like that (though they usually aren't as attractive as Rhona Mitra)

my wife hates these shows b/c they have foul language and some pretty overt sexuality

so, i watch them sparingly -- i really would say "rescue me" is my favorite of the FX shows, with Nip/Fuck coming in a close 2nd

I watched the movie "the grudge" this weekend -- i wasn't scared. So, Buffy the vampire slayer is running around in Japan and some dead japanese kid is screaming like a cat...


the movie moved slowly and the scary scenes weren't all that scary

i need to make a damn horror flick -- something with some nudity and a really freaky villain -- (see: silent night, deadly night)

Thursday, October 06, 2005
Happy HNR!

HNR good
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yep, it's me!

posting again on HNT.

somebody tell osbasso!:)

Tuesday, October 04, 2005
Answering Taja

Last week, Taja posed a question about what guys do when they want sex. Below is my answer.

when i want sex, here's what i do:

I'm known to give compliments and flirtatious remarks during the week ... talking about a sexy outfit or giving an extra long kiss at the door -- if she'll let me

i try to make Saturday "date night" ... sometimes, it'll be a pretty nice place and we'll get dressed up and just laugh, talk, and enjoy each other's company

and then, we get home - knowing her attitude, we both take showers and i make sure to be clean and fresh-smelling (sometimes, i'll dab on a touch of her favorite cologne) ...

and then, we'll get in bed ... which is where we have to be to have sex...

there may be a few kisses...

but so many times, she pulls away, or rolls over ... and i know she's not interested

sometimes i'll massage her back and lightly kiss her neck..

even still, i usually get some comment like "you're trying to get some"

hell yeah, i am...

i've also told her this: "if you get so horny you actually want sex, let me know -- i'm never too tired or too interested in tv or whatever to take a few moments to be with you..."

... so, we're on the once every month or 2 schedule b/c apparently that's all she needs or wants... and what gets me most is that the night after we've had sex it's absolutely out of the question that we'd have sex again -- i should be glad i got some and that should be it

i guess it doesn't make her feel sexy or special or wanted or anything when i make all kinds of effort to woo her

i know how i'd feel if she made an effort for me

i know how i felt in the middle of august when i had gone to bed before she did and was nearly asleep when she came in, rubbed my back, and got things started... i could tell she really wanted it and it made me sooo hot.. and the sex was very nice

why doesn't she feel the same way?

what else should i be doing to get her fired up?

Monday, October 03, 2005
Desperate Shoes

has anyone else noticed the emphasis on shoes in this season's desperate housewives...?

there are lots of shots of just the women in shoes... shoes getting out of the car, shoes under the table in the prison ... teri hatcher's feet next to a paper...

this must be the season of the shoes...

the show is still great in its 2nd season, by the way

and my love affair with brie grows with each passing episode...

I must say my now not so new co-worker reminds me of her in some ways..

the intense focus on perfection is amazing

my whole work day is full of crisis and chaos ... that's the nature of the job i have ... so when i get home, i crave order and comfort ... and when i see those traits -- that calm under fire -- that unflappable appearance no matter the circumstance... that person who looks as perfect and wonderful at 8:00 PM as she did at 7 am when she got to work, that person has strong appeal for me... (and yes, all you naysayers, that person does exist)...

i have a couple of choices for this week's hnt -- or, as i call it, hnr -- i hope V is up to it again -- and really, isn't time murpy gave us some hnm!?

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