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Thursday, January 25, 2007
The Best Years

So, as 2006 came to an end, I was thinking that it was an ok year. some good things developed. a great thing happened. and there was a lot of soul-searching. i also realized that i had made one quite large mistake that will impact me for some time to come.

which led me to start thinking about the best years of my still young life.

2005 was one of the best years. I met X. we did some work together but just her presence made my life more interesting. My wife and I took an amazing vacation for our 5th anniversary. I traveled to Seattle and fell in love -- with the city, with being "single" for a week, it was a wonderful time.

2003 was a good year. I escaped a bad job and found a great opportunity that was fulfilling. My wife followed suit later that year and for a time, we both were happily settling in to new places.

2000 was the year I married. Overall, a very good year. I will never forget my wedding day no matter what else happens. My wife was the most beautiful bride.

1997 was great... I graduated from college ... it was the year my wife and I began dating. i remember sun and warmth and working a tough summer job.

1993 was up there with 2005 -- one of the BEST years ever.

and so i realize, by and large, our experience is mundane, routine, average. and then, there are the exceptions. the amazing experiences or treasured moments. the years with no tragedies or unpleasant surprises. then there are years when nothing happens. you just work and come home and do it all again.

i'm still trying to live like I was 17 ... it was one of the great years. it's hard not to be more cynical now that i've experienced a number of things i could only imagine then.

this year marks 10 years since i graduate from COLLEGE. wow. I still remember much of it vividly. still, only one of those years rates up there with my "all-time" best years.

so, that's it. the best years.

2007 is holding some promise. I'll be starting a new job soon. That's encouraging.

We'll see what else this year holds.

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