Hard As A Rock
Monday, January 30, 2006
Muff-dive Monday!

in case you haven't noticed, this blog has taken a turn to the crude and sexual

and i love it

so, today is muff-dive monday

i'm dying... almost literally -- to taste a beautiful woman

i've got to taste it

it's been soooo long

i want it

need it


who's ready?

Friday, January 27, 2006
It's F*** Me Friday

that's right

all you crazy people out there -- women, of course -- who want some of rock --

today is your day

Wednesday, January 25, 2006
Taking the V ...

i'm going to do it

i'm taking the "v"

Vortexia, that is

sounds like quite a workout plan

i'll take "v" on the stairs

i'll take "v" in the bathroom

i'll take "v" in the shower

i'll take "v" in the car

i'll take "v" from behind

i'll take "v" on top

I'll take "v" outside

i'll take "v" in the library

i think i like this

and from the sounds of it, "v" does, too!

Tuesday, January 24, 2006
Take the Stairs ...

so yes, yesterday i decided to wax poetic about a trip up the back stairs at my office ...

but really

take the stairs

i always take the stairs in from the parking garage -- it's a good bit of early morning exercise

and lately ...

i've been taking the stairs in the back part of our building -- a lightly traveled set of stairs that ends on the floor where a certain co-worker works

i never see her ... she's an elevator girl, probably

but i'm doing it for the exercise, anyway

at least 2 ... sometimes 3 times a day, i walk the stairs -- 4 flights up, 4 back down

yes, take the stairs -- it's good for you -- and in my case, where the office doors are usually closed, and where it's not unusual to spend 2 or more days without seeing someone unless you go to the bathroom ... it's great to get out -- you never know who you might see when you wander where you've never been

this week .. it's the stairs

next week, i may wander somewhere else

Monday, January 23, 2006
So ...

...what would you do if I climbed the back stairs to meet with you?

... what would you do if i waited by the window?

... what would you do if i were there?



... what would you do if you knew?

Friday, January 20, 2006
The Hard Rock Diet

Eat less. Exercise more.

trust me, it works.

oh, and if you can work it in, have hot, steamy sex at least 3 times a week.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006
does anyone know...

... how hard it is to control what you are saying when you cum?

when you're having a sexual encounter with one person -- and almost the entire time your mind is on someone else...

and in that last instant -- when you are at the point of climax, your mind tells you to say her name... and you realize.. the name you are about to say is not the name of the person you are with...

you want to say the fantasy name... you've been having this experience with HER, after all -- the fantasy girl...

do you know the presence of mind it takes to get it right -- to say the name of the person you are actually with instead of the fantasy girl?

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Murphy is right!

This may be the most excited I've been in 2 years.

Nothing really has happened.

I've just entered a new year with a new perspective.

I don't know if it's just "growing up".. or if it's time and experience or what ...

But i like it

i like the way i feel, i like what i'm doing, and I like trying the "less safe" course of action for once...

i like that i can make things happen ... more than maybe i ever realized ...

I will certainly keep all posted

and trick... i can't wait for tomorrow!:)

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

there's a job I want.

and it's in a place far from here.

my wife may or may not want to move

but i'm putting on the full court press to get an interview and an offer -- i'll deal with the fallout if/when an offer comes

there's a person I know... that i'd like to know more

and instead of holding back, i'm taking the opportunity

there is fun out there... and i'm going to have some of it (no, not really THAT kind of fun)

it's 2006, i'm 30 years old, and i'm tired of just waiting for things to happen

so i've seen some things i want... things i would like to have in my life -- directions i would like to go... and i'm taking them. and when there are consequences that are less than fun, i'll deal with those

that's all

Monday, January 09, 2006
I've found it!

I found what i want.

I'm taking it.

It may take a few days or weeks.

but i'll get it

and the story may be told .. here

Friday, January 06, 2006
Office Romance

This is a post in 2 parts

first, i have just spent the last hour and a half in deep conversation with a future Mrs. Rock. or, at least, a future girlfriend.

but wait, you say, you're already married?


but this is a girl i've know for over 4 years -- that i so enjoy talking with -- that i have a connection with

that if i weren't married, i'd have gone out with 2 years ago

she's the girl i can talk to about things -- that i can get lost in the conversation -- that has similar interests

and no, she's not "New C0-Worker" (though NCW is still pretty freakin' HOT).. we have a deeper connection because of our friendship history -- b/c we knew each other before we took jobs here

so, an hour and half of work-time well-spent!

which leads to PART 2: Office Romance

It was not until i took the job at the organization where i now work that i realized how prevalent "office romance" really is

i worked at a smaller organization, and then a small, private PR firm before coming here.

here, affairs among colleagues appear to be common -- married men and women cheating on their spouses

singles sleeping with each other

the sexual nature of this place is quite intense

is this NORMAL? I don't know.

i've heard people say, "it's there if you want it" -- meaning, if you want an affair or fling or whatever, you can find it here

which brings me back to the question: are people looking at me as a potential partner? -- and am i doing more than "talking" when i spend nearly 2 hours with a co-worker and not focusing at all on "business"?

so, is it common? is it "there if you want it?" -- what are the experiences of the rest of you in the working world?

Wednesday, January 04, 2006
A post from Rock's College Days (Junior Year, Spring, 1996)

My dad drops me off at the cottage. A little apartment with a driveway and a garage – where my car is stored. The car doesn’t run, but dad doesn’t know that. I hit him up for some money for car repairs in November. I used the cash to pay my bills. My credit card bills. And I’m sure to eat. The car still didn’t run. But I told dad I had left my car at the cottage.

I had been forced to move out by an overzealous landlord who was mad b/c I didn’t rake the leaves or mow the grass at this “mini-house.” My roommate was moving back on campus. The place had been cleaned out about a week ago, but I told dad I needed to get a few things and take my car to the new apartment.

The new apartment was about 2 miles away. It was 1 bedroom. It was on the 3rd floor of what had once been a beautiful old house in the downtown district. It was divided into apartments now.

The apartment cost me $325 a month. Reasonable. Except I didn’t have the money. I had been paying $175 a month plus utilities. In the new place, all utilities were covered, so there was some savings to be achieved, I supposed.

The cottage was directly across from campus. Close to classes and food and basketball games.

The new place required a walk up a steep hill in the back alley to get to even the science building.

I figured if I was far away from campus, I wouldn’t be able to rush home and slack off or nap and miss classes.

Anyway, back to the story. So dad drops me off. I go into the cottage and turn the lights on, wave bye. Rummage around a bit. The floors are completely clean. It’s Friday night and people have not really made their way back to school from the holiday break. Campus is quiet.

I watch as dad pulls away. I use the restroom.

I zip up my coat and go outside, locking the door – the cottage has no heat. I start the 2 mile walk to the new apartment. It’s about 25 degrees outside, ice and snow on the sidewalk from the wintry weather.

I walk alone.

The backstreet is dark. I slip and fall a couple times, but just get up and keep on walking. I have no gloves or hat.

I arrive at the apartment building.

The light leading into the side entrance is busted.

I take the winding, tight stairs to the 3rd floor. Apt. 3. just above up some even steeper stairs, is apt. 5 – a cute girl lives there, in the small closet-like space. I will never know her except to say hello.

My new place is cold, but I turn the heat on and warm gusts envelope me and my glasses steam up.

Everything is there. Couch, table and chairs. No tv. Cold mt. dew in the fridge.

Bedroom is all set. A large room with a bay window that opens and leads to the roof – pigeons roost there, waking me early in the mornings. But it’s a great place to walk out, sit, and smoke.

I take my coat off, put it in the closet. Crack open a mt. dew.

There’s nothing really going on. I call domino’s. pizza and 2 cokes on the way.

I pay the driver with a check and commence with the eating. Half the pizza and both cokes are gone

Pizza goes in the fridge, I take my clothes off and get a shower. Small-ass bathroom and carpeted floors, it’s kinda gross. And as I take a piss, the neighbors’ dog barks like hell… scares the shit out of me – it’s something I’ll get used to

I go to the bedroom, get into my desk, and pull out the penthouse. After a couple of photo-spreads, I’m hard as hell. I reach into my sleep pants and pull out my cock, a little self-lube and I’m ready to go… I cum and cum onto the floor, cleaning it up with a some toilet tissue

I go outside and smoke on the roof .. .barely dressed and fairly happy

Around 1 am I go to bed. I rub my cock against the bed, it grows harder, and I started fucking the bed, rubbing my cock back and forth, fantasies of different girls going through my head, and I explode and say a name

And drift to sleep

Saturday morning – I get up and piss. Go back to bed

Around 10:30 I get out of bed, shower up, and head to the student center for breakfast or lunch or something.

I give them my food card (the one thing my parents pay for) and get a warm meal. Then I use the phone there to call a tow truck. I have my car towed to the new apartment.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006
The Rock Report: Holiday Edition

so i've had about 2 weeks off of work

and i haven't been posting

but i'm here

here's a recap:

sex with my wife over the holidays: 0

complete sexual fantasies involving Murphy: 1

realizations that my wife is not a good gift-giver: 256.5 (circus peanuts, foot spray, and a coat that i went to the store, picked out, bought, and brought home and that she didn't wrap)

realizations that other people think my wife is nuts (23 -- even her sister says the woman is crazy)

realizations that this blog is becoming stale and needs new life: 100

yes, it's true

if you read my blog, you keep reading the same stuff over and over

for a sense of perspective, i have found some old, hand-written journals i used to keep. i may start posting entries from those to let you know how the rock was formed.

i'm back now

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