Hard As A Rock
Thursday, August 31, 2006

does anyone out there have Vonage or another VOIP provider?

is it really as easy and affordable as it seems?

Monday, August 28, 2006
just stay quiet

it may all be over soon

instead of raising issues or making issues, i just stay quiet now.

i'm tired of the effort

what, you want to continue talking about this or that so-called "issue" or "reason" why our life is not adequate...

that's fine ... i'll just here in silence until you stop

i won't respond

oh, and it's nice that you "don't remember" the fight we had when you told me you didn't want to get married. how could you forget taking off your engagement ring and telling me you were ready to move on unless i agreed to this one silly condition... how could you forget not being willing to discuss the issue face-to-face b/c I "didn't know how to argue..."?

i won't go into all the details -- but the issue that started this whole process of us not being married... and led to a week where our future was uncertain just 6 short years ago finally came to the surface. I agreed to what she was saying b/c i couldn't imagine that i had moved from a place i loved and a job i enjoyed to a new town .. to be with the woman i KNEW i'd spend the rest of my life with -- only to have her end it all... and leave me stuck there

i couldn't imagine nights without her... and i couldn't imagine giving up the years we'd had because of something i thought would never really come back up

well, 6 years later, it came back up - and then i was reminded of all the pain of that week... and she said, "really, we had that discussion... i don't remember that at all..."

how could you not remember asking me NOT to be a part of your life?

maybe i'm being unreasonable... but i think this is emblematic of the larger issues in our marriage... and that she just is not really focused on my feelings...

so, i sit there, calmly now, and listen. i don't respond, don't argue... i just listen ... and then go on doing what i'm doing.

Friday, August 25, 2006
New Man

word is, Jessica Simpson has a "new Man" -- but, he's a secret man

well, it's me.

i mean, how could she resist

oh, and nick -- sorry about your little problem

but jess is happy now ... very, very happy

(and not nearly as dumb as everone thinks...)

ok, well, we'll see... just be looking for my picture in the Enquirer soon ... and my forthcoming album on K-Fed's new label, Federation Records... (i think i'm mixing my blonde, silly pop stars)

anyway, ain't no other man...

Monday, August 21, 2006
nip/tuck chocolate

so, i've noticed that the new season of nip/tuck and the new LG Chocolate phone/mp3 player share the same theme song...

what does this mean? -- well, for one, it means that catchy, sexy, techno-type tune is stuck in my head all the damn time...

but does it have implications for the show? will Dr. Troy be listening to his mp3 player during surgeries or sex romps?

Will users of the "chocolate" device get to see "uncut" special scenes from nip/tuck? Can you call directly to Kimber Henry and get her to do an onsite demonstration of her "skills?"...

and what about Sean's wife... yeah, whatever her name... she's still pretty hot and her sexiness is underplayed... will she be sexing it up this season... while Sean and Christian both try to reach her on their LG phones?


is this all just a big, happy coincidence?


Thursday, August 17, 2006
Water, water everywhere...

so, since Monday, i've consumed no liquids except water until last night, when i had a Mt. Dew at dinner.

and let me tell you 1) i feel wonderful -- it's like water is gasoline for my body ... and i feel energetic and amazing 2) i've lost 2 pounds -- now, just 7.5 lbs to go until i reach my goal weight (yes, i was at my goal weight last year at this time when i traveled to seattle -- then, after the Holidays, i was up, and for whatever reason, this summer, back up again) -- i attribute some of the gain to new muscle developed while adding more weight to my lifting routine -- But, i'm still not in the shape i want to be...

so, 3) the loss of 2 pounds in 3 days and the amazing feeling i have makes it easy so far to say "no" to cokes and other bad for me beverages -- of course, that doesn't mean on fridays i won't have a diet coke with my mcdonalds biscuit -- but, i won't be going back to mcds until i hit the goal weight anyway.

to me, it's amazing how such a small change can make such a huge difference. and i know i'll look better 7.5 lbs lighter -- and i'll be elated when i look down at the scale and see the number i'm aiming for --

but this year, there will be NO winter weight gain ... as i've said before, 2006 is a year of change for me, and i'm changing my nonchalant attitude about personal fitness and moving it up so my lifestyle is more about healthy choices in meals and being active -- i mean, there's just no comparison in terms of how i feel -- and it's well worth the sacrifice to get the results i want...
(oh, and not that my wife would notice, but there are OTHER benefits as well....!)

Tuesday, August 15, 2006
Getting it right at McDonalds

the allure of mcdonalds is simple -- no matter where you go, you know what you'll get at mcdonalds... food that is reasonably edible and that tastes just the same as it does at any other mcdonalds... served in very quick time in a clean environment.

or so i thought.

probably once a week, usually on a friday, i have breakfast at mcdonalds... i take my morning a little slower, probably show up 5-10 minutes late to work b/c no one really cares... just a nice way to start my friday morning.

anyway, i always go to the same mcdonalds and get the same thing -- in fact, the guy who works the register just looks at me, punches in my order, and tells me the cost and i don't even have to talk ... i mean, perfect. and the biscuits are always good ... always the same... always a good start to my day.

the other day, my car needed air in one tire. so, i take a different route to work to stop at the gas station with the free air machine...

and then happen upon a mcdonalds over there. i go on, i actually have to place an order b/c they don't know me... and 1) the clerk gets the order wrong and 2) the biscuits are made differently.. i don't know if this mcdonald's gets a different pre-mix or uses butter differently or what.. but it just wasn't the same

ray kroc wouldn't stand for that... either my mcdonalds is doing it differently than everyone else OR, the one across town is... or, i suppose it's possible that mcd's is now making biscuits according to its customer base... and people 2 miles down the road like their biscuits a little saltier... or maybe they were just having an off day

anyway, this blog had a 500+ calorie breakfast and some diet coke and was ok.. but this week, i'll be back at MY mcdonalds...

Friday, August 11, 2006
Wedding Day

I have seen you

On your wedding day

Stairs and cheers

White lace and flowers

Hair pulled back, veil in the wind

I have seen you

On your wedding day

Warm summer sun

Bright green leaves

Tiny white sandals

amazing smile

I have seen you

On your wedding day

Lush blonde hair

Deep brown eyes

Hand locked in his

Heart beating wild

I have seen you

On your wedding day

I am there

And you are not mine

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

so i really am living up to this blog's name right now -- i mean, really very much so

the closest one of you to me needs to help ... or, X can just come downstairs and i'll shut the office door...


Monday, August 07, 2006
it's been ...

a week since i've written

guess i got busy

(no, not that kind of busy -- trick still hasn't dropped by...)

anyway, it's another monday .. and i'm feeling better -- by better, i mean well-rested and ready to engage work

and better... just feeling good so far this morning

i guess that's all for now -- just a post to get back into posting

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