Hard As A Rock
Monday, December 11, 2006
X Saturday

grocery store. Saturday night. nearly 11 PM.

all i'm thinking about is X.

what is she doing on Saturday at 11?

is she at her friendly, neighborhood wal-mart, too? is she buying cute things to put in her house -- is she planning her meals for the week...

and most importantly... is she thinking about me?

does she spend any of her time thinking about Rock? ... does she say, "hey, that rock guy's kinda cute and i really wish he weren't married...?"

and on the way home ... i realize.

i can't ignore this.

simply can't. I can't change what I want.

and what i want is to be walking around a wal-mart store getting lost with a beautiful woman who wants nothing more than to just be with me.

is that too much?

Monday, December 04, 2006

The title is for Vortexia. The post is b/c I was "tagged" by Trick.

I'll not tag anyone else, though -- Wii!

6 weird things about me:

1) I eat my food in order. That is, when i have a meal, i eat one item at a time. For example, if I had fried chicken, a biscuit, corn, mashed potatoes and pecan pie (a good-sounding meal, no?) ... then I'd eat the corn first, the mashed potatoes next, the chicken, then the biscuit and pecan pie last ... finishing each item in its entirety before going on to the next item -- i would NOT eat some corn and then take a bite of the biscuit or chicken -- it's all the corn, then the potatoes, etc.

2) I have a nearly photographic memory -- it's pretty sharp, but not perfect ... but i remember things in full detail -- if i drive somewhere one time, i can get back again without the directions -- i know what cars everyone in my office drives, i remember vivid details of events that occurred 10 or more years ago. If I read something in a book, i can generally repeat it or rewrite it word for word after having read it only one time -- this is why i was/am good at school. I used to think that everyone remembered things like this ... but they don't. It's weird -- generally, it's a good thing. but sometimes it can be painful.

3) I have never been drunk. Again, i used to think this was "normal" -- but apparently, i'm the anomaly. I do drink some ... but I have never been drunk.

4) I was a virgin when I married (technically speaking, i suppose, since I had engaged in oral sex) -- i'm quite good at it... and vortexia especially wants to fully appreciate my talents (at least that's what she said in that one dream i had... )

5) I can spell or pronounce almost any word. really. Ok, i'm not a spelling bee champ or anything -- but your tough words from everyday usage -- yeah, i can spell those. and remember sometimes when you might see a russian or other foreign word, say, if you're reading the Economist, I can pronounce those words no problem.

6) Did i just admit to reading the Economist? that's probably weird.

so, there. i'm done. i was tagged and i responded.

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